I’m Already Obsessed with The Mindy Project

Let me start by saying Mindy Kaling is the BEST. Her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) , is one of my absolute favorites. She’s quick and witty, and completely relatable in the way that makes me want her to be my bestfriend. And while I absolutely love the annoying diva Kelly Kapoor on The Office,I’m pumped that Mindy is able to now head FOX’s The Mindy Project. And the fact that BJ Novak (aka Ryan Howard on The Office) is an executive producer on Mindy’s pilot is just perfect to me.

If you missed it, the trailer covers a lot of ground, but I was still psyched to watch it on TV. Appearances from Bill Hader and Ed Helms, two of my favorites, didn’t hurt either. It really is a great pilot, just what I would expect from Mindy. Basically, Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, a OB/GYN with a love for romcoms and a slight weakness for her British coworker. After a run-in with the police for disorderly conduct after her ex’s wedding, Mindy decides she needs to turn her life around, but has a bit of a shaky start. Mindy is hilarious, and though the pilot isn’t non-stop laugh-out-loud funny, I don’t think thats what it really needs; I think that the entire cast gets their point across without overacting or looking for cheap laughs. Just from reading her book I can tell that the pop-culture references come straight from Mindy’s pen, which gives the show a personal touch. Mindy’s character is the type of girl who I think everyone can relate to: self-absorbed but a little self-conscious too, just trying to find the perfect man and be successful at the same time. And while we’ve only seen a little bit of Mindy Lahiri, I have high hopes for being able to relate to her while getting a good laugh.


What do you think?

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