Good Job Charlie

Growing up, I watched a lot of Disney Channel. I believed basically everything that it told me, and it was only till I grew up that I realized Disney Channel wasn’t as perfect as I had thought (see Joe Jonas’ tell-all released in 2013). I’ve seen since then that there are issues with it, as there are issues with almost anything presented to mass media. There’s always going to be somebody offended, and one slip up could cause the ruin of an empire.

This time though, Disney made a great decision. On their hit show, Good Luck Charlie, they introduced a lesbian couple, and handled it, well, like humans. You can watch for yourself in the clip below, but here’s a quick summation: parents Amy and Bob are unsure about the name of their daughter’s friend’s mom, and when she shows up they realize the source of their confusion- it’s because she has two moms. And thats it. After inviting them in, Bob (in classic Disney-Channel-Dad fashion) says, “Taylor has two moms” and Amy retorts, “Nothing gets past you, Bob!” and then they carry on like adults. Though groups like One Million Mom’s are absolutely furious about this decision, and some may make the case that this decision only comes in the last month of the show’s run (Good Luck Charlie’s last episode is set to air February 16th), I think that its a step in the right direction nonetheless. The fact is, plenty of the channel’s viewers do have two moms, or two dads, and the fact that Teen Psychics could identify with a character on Disney (ha) but a child from a same-sex couple could not for so long is definitely limiting. And I can only imagine the look on a kid’s face when they saw, hey, Charlie’s friend is just like me! Job well done, Disney.


What do you think?

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