Believe in the Lego Movie

I first saw the trailer for the Lego Movie a few months ago when my younger sister pointed it out to me, and I have to say I was immediately interested. Most of my friends had the same commentary on it (why would you even make a movie about lego, of all things), but I thought it was genius. In what other movie could Batman, Abraham Lincoln, and Shakespeare be in the same room? Plus, coming from the guys behind 21 Jump Street, I had high hopes. And they did not disappoint at all.

The Lego Movie was fantastic. As a twenty year old I can say that extremely honestly. I think I laughed more than any other kid in the theater, as the movie constantly snuck in jokes for the parents being dragged in by their kids. The cast was awesome (Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt particularly, but Charlie Day and cameos by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum were best in my opinion) and the editing and effects were truly captivating; how did they make the lego sets look so real? Sitting in the theater I felt like a little kid again, and almost found myself crying at the unexpected and sweet family-oriented ending. I’m a sucker for any kids movie with a message, and applauded the writers for brilliantly executing the idea that kids should be creative and always believe in themselves. If I was 13 years younger, I’d be running out to buy all the legos I could find. In fact, I just might be able to dig some up from my basement…


What do you think?

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