How I Met Your (Deceased) Mother?

So I’m finally all caught up on HIMYM. And with just three weeks left until its series finale, I think I speak for most fans when I say please just tell us how Ted met The Mother already. That’s not to say that I don’t love this show (I’m still getting over the end of The Office so losing HIMYM this year is going to be rough), but it is to say that I am 100% sick of the Farhampton Inn. The thing about HIMYM is that there was a formula that the audience grew to love; Ted would start out “In the summer/winter/fall of 2005/6/7/etc. and then we’d follow a ridiculous story about the past that was sometimes humorously edited for young ears and sometimes made us question Ted’s relationship with his kids. Regardless, this season took that neat set-up and completely changed it, and though I’m extremely happy Marshall is no longer road-tripping with Sherri Shepherd, I have to be honest that this whole “weekend-in-a-season” concept is getting a little old. Recently, the HIMYM staff has stepped up with clever episodes- as a fan who loved seeing how Ted and The Mother almost met each season I loved the “How Your Mother Met Me” episode. But after this weeks “Vesuvius,” I’m getting skeptical about the cleverness of this show overall.

If you missed it, the episode consisted of Ted telling The Mother a story about Robin & Barney’s wedding, but by the end it was pretty clear that the HIMYM writers were trying to indicate that The Mother was going to die, leaving Ted alone to tell his nine-year tale of exactly how they met. Which is the complete opposite of what HIMYM has been teaching us all along. Ted is a guy who many of us (read: me) can completely relate to. We’ve been following his love life and all the struggles and roadblocks that went along with it for nine seasons. And now, just when we are introduced to the extremely likable Cristin Milioti, and just when Ted is finally getting the happy ending he deserves, it feels like we’re getting the rug pulled out from under us just for the sake of some unneeded drama. If The Mother dies, it doesn’t really add much to the story; we get confirmation on why Ted’s telling the story but other than that we’re not going to see much of Ted’s life as a widower. But just because we as the audience are not going to see it doesn’t diminish the principle of it all. If any twenty or thirty somethings out there watched HIMYM and rooted for Ted in hopes that one day, if they didn’t give up, they’d meet the love of their life too, then this “surprise” ending seems like a dig at them. All we’ve been leading up to is Ted & The Mother and Lily & Marshall on the front porch, and if we end up with Ted next to an empty seat, then HIMYM will have surpassed LOST on my list of most unnecessarily depressing shows. My fingers are crossed that this is just a way to throw the audience off, and I’ll be impatiently waiting until the March 31st finale to find out.


What do you think?

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