Brooklyn Nine-Nine Goes Out on Top

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s season finale “Greg And Larry” was fantastic. Actually, scratch that- B99’s season 3 final 4 was fantastic (and kind of a mouth-full). The story’s conclusion may not have been the strongest episode of the bunch, but who cares? I laughed out loud many more times than once and was genuinely stunned at the ending. Why isn’t everyone watching this show!!

I absolutely loved the decision to make the finale a more serialized arc than we’re used to. A lot of sitcom audiences are definitely drawn in by the fact that they can turn on ABC during any prime-time hour and follow whatever antics a zany family is getting into without having ever seen a previous episode. But there’s something satisfying about being rewarded for never missing an episode, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine pulled it off in a really fun way. I’m not just saying that because I’m obsessed with the fact that they hid Melissa Fumero’s pregnancy by having Santiago go undercover as a pregnant prisoner, but because the mission of taking down crime boss Figgis and bringing back Detective Pimento was the perfect blend of stakes and humor. Where else would a high-speed chase set in a hospital be punctuated by Terry’s knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy? (Jake: “The one episode I watched, there was a bomb in a guy’s butt”) (sidenote: that’s the most stressful Grey’s episode) (additional sidenote: the fact that there are still pop-culture references to Grey’s Anatomy 12 seasons in really speaks to how Shonda runs everything).

Overall, let’s not forget this show comes from the creators of Parks and Recreation- the cop moments are fun, but it peaks when showing the Precinct’s genuine friendship, like Holt’s declaration that “You don’t work with Jake Peralta three years and not know what the Funky Cold Medina is.” Some might have seen it coming that Peralta and Holt would end up in witness protection in Florida (it’s planted pretty early in the episode), but I was too wrapped up in enjoying the squad’s teamwork that I ended up pleasantly surprised when the episode’s twist was revealed. It’s anyone’s guess as to how much time is spent in Florida next season, and looking at Bill Hader’s Captain’s untimely death I’d guess not much time, but I’m excited to see what happens next. Fingers crossed the whole gang are Greg/Holt and Larry/Peralta’s neighbors- after all, Charles is about to become a dad, and he doesn’t want to hang out with some stupid baby who’s never met Jake.

What Else?

  • Amy’s guess at romantic comedy careers (dress making, architecture, cupcake bakery, magazine editor) was genius
  • Jake to Holt: You called me son! No take backs!
  • Rosa’s landlord describes her as the “always smiling” Emily
  • Genuinely laughed out loud at Holt’s last request to Bob before he kills him: “When I die, please send Kevin my regards.” “What do I say?” “Regards.”
  • I’m really excited for who is going to be cast as Figgis. Also for this show to return in general

What do you think?

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