Why Does The Mindy Project’s Cast Keep Disappearing?

Full disclosure: I’m a few episodes behind on The Mindy Project. Partially because I’m busy; mostly because Mindy and Danny are essentially finished and I’m bitter. This is the problem I had with New Girl (and I regretted it) so I know I’ll be back, but I just… need some time to get over it.

Today it was announced that Chris Messina would no longer be a series regular on the show, but instead would show up in Fall’s season 5 as a “recurring guest star,” whatever that means? As heartbreaking as this news is, I can’t help thinking why this show is dropping more characters left and right than Game of Thrones. Don’t believe me? Please tell me where any of these people are. I’m waiting.

Anna Camp as Gwen, Mindy’s Best Friend: Where you at? Other than preparing to marry Skylar Astin? Gwen’s kid should be BFF’s with Leo. Come on, that would be cute.









Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Marc Shulman: Remember when they had a boss???








Amanda Setton as Shauna, The Receptionist: She liked Danny, and then got fired? Maybe? Her situation seems a little unethical, though it’s not the worst thing these guys have ever done.  



Zoe Jarman as Betsy: Literally disappeared into thin air. Can someone check on her? Send out an Amber Alert?






Adam Pally as Peter Prentice: I mean yeah, he’s still around, but I need a real explanation why he’s no longer in the office. Thanks!








Now we can add Danny to that list, and that’s just the series regulars! How about the Deslaurier brothers, Mindy’s brother, Danny’s mom and brother, DOT!, plus all the random celebrity cameos that filter in and out for a laugh (#neverforget that Seth Meyers has now appeared twice as two different people). This show has only been on for four seasons and yet it’s already changed its roster more than the Panther/Lion split in Dillon Texas. By the end of its run, it’ll just be Mindy & Morgan hanging out alone, wondering where everyone they used to interact with disappeared to. Actually, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.



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