Everybody Gets Some in Everybody Wants Some!!

My 17 year old sister gasped when Everybody Wants Some!! ended. Not because it ends on a cliffhanger (spoiler alert: the movie is the opposite of high stakes), but simply because it was over, like when you’re a kid playing at a party and your mom randomly yells down the stairs that it’s time to go home. Not much really happens, but this movie is so fun, you don’t want it to end.

I was born in 1993, my sister in 1999, and this movie was set in 1980- but it couldn’t be more relatable. Maybe it’s because I’m less than a year out of college, still riding on the high of all the memories Time Hop has to offer, but I knew these kids. You’re rolling your eyes at them one minute and wanting to join in the games the next. And it is all games, considering the movie takes place in the few days before classes and responsibilities start. College stories aren’t known for being groundbreaking, but this one just catches the feeling of being in a new place, trying to figure out where you fit in. There’s something to be said about a movie that kind of makes you wonder where you belong in the world and then disguises that feeling under a montage of athletes disco dancing. Freshman pitcher Jake calls the events of the plot “fuckwithery” and sure, that’s not a word, but you’re nodding along with them. It’s something you want to experience.

Going to an 11 PM, opening night showing of a movie that isn’t Harry Potter is an experience of it’s own- in our showing, there was just me, my little sister, a dad and his high school-aged son, and three bro’s sitting in the back. It couldn’t be more clear that everyone had different reasons for seeing the movie. My sister’s were cast members Blake Jenner (known for being catfished on Glee and delivering the line “Yeah yeah, it’s a Stevie Wonder week”), Tyler Hoechlin (known for never smiling on Teen Wolf) and Glen Powell (known for saving every scene on Scream Queens). I’m sure the dad was just there to relive the glory days. Maybe the boys were baseball fans or film students. Demographic differences aside, it’s to be noted that everyone in the theater cracked up at completely different parts of the movie (weirdly, the dad didn’t react to Tyler Hoechlin wearing a crop top like my sister did). But there was the fact that everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves by the end. There’s something for everyone in this movie, and it might not be what you expect, but you’re gonna want some.