Road To Gold: Alternate Universe America

Golden Globes Nomination: Best Animated Feature Film

Much like Deadpool I only just sat down to watch Disney’s Zootopia. And very much like Deadpool I was still pleasantly surprised despite the hype that followed for the better half of the year. Zootopia is a movie that should genuinely be shown in schools, an enjoyable cautionary tale about where things in America are headed with an ending that gives a glimpse at how we might act if we didn’t have to focus all our energy on a reality star who tweets about meetings with Anna Wintour. Kids always have a better grasp on humanity than adults, and Zootopia taking away a top prize would just be a reminder that we should all take a step back from ourselves and join hands at a Shakira concert. Things really aren’t all bad, unless we want them to be.
Golden Globes Nomination: Best Picture, Drama + Best Supporting Actor + Best Supporting Actress + Best Original Score
SAG Awards Nomination: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role + Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Completely unrelated to Zootopia‘s animal theme but falling in line with a nice picture of how the world could be is Lion, which brought several tears to my eyes despite the man who was snoring loudly beside me for the entire two hours. Based on a true story, Lion was maybe a little heavy on the ads for Google Earth and a little light on the character development. But for a minute, it’s a reminder of family, and how good things could come out of the internet if we didn’t have to focus all our energy on a reality star who tweets about meetings with – wait, did I already say that? Anyway… Dev Patel is charming as always, and Sunny Pawar is an adorable actor in the making. You’d have to be made of stone to not get a little joy from this.