Supergirl Sticks The Landing At the CW


Season 2 of Supergirl had a tough task to complete in it’s first episode last night- not only did it return to television, but it also premiered on a new channel, where it filmed in a new city and introduced a beloved character to the DCTV universe. It seems almost impossible, and yet the show pulled it off nearly flawlessly. Who’s surprised? This is Supergirl, after all. And it’s time you gave it a shot.

When it premiered last season, Supergirl looked like pure cheese. Everything from her costume to it’s sunny home on CBS could be, and was, poked at. But one season full of pep talks, martians, and ice cream later and Supergirl has proved itself as a heartfelt little joy ride for comic fans and feminists alike. Last year we watched Kara Danvers optimistically live her double life as media mogul Cat Grant’s assistant by day and Supergirl by… day, learning about her powers and dropping hints about the guy in blue, her cousin Clark Kent. This season, Kara’s got a new job as a reporter, an established support system, and yes, Clark is in town. And I have to say, if the arrival of Superman is the only reason you’re interested in tuning in this time around, you’re in luck. Tyler Hoechlin is a genuinely great Superman, delivering cheesy dialogue like “lickety split” and charming everyone from Cat to Winn, all while proving to Teen Wolf viewers that he can actually smile. He’s so good, it kind of makes you wonder if he and Melissa Benoist actually are aliens, just sent here to perfectly portray the nerdiest and most adorable crime-fighting family duo the CW has ever seen. I’m just saying.

Last night’s episode proved that this show continues to be well-acted and far deeper than it looks on the surface. Sure, they still talk about things like X-Ray vision in the middle of a crowded street, and there’s a musical crossover episode coming up that might be too much for some people to handle. But they also managed to incorporate huge changes to their show without any of the heart suffering for it. If there were any doubts about how well Supergirl would fare now that it’s at the CW, I think they’ve been squashed. This is a show that consistently tells a powerful origin story while balancing a little bit of action with a little bit of charm with a little bit of complete geekiness. If you still need convincing, do yourself a favor and watch the Pilot, The Flash cross-over (it’s just so good) and the Red Kryptonite episode, and you’ll be ready to jump in to season 2. I love watching shows about horrible people doing horrible things, but isn’t it nice to watch a show that just makes you happy? An enjoyable, feel-good show doesn’t come around all the time, but Supergirl is here now. You should give it a chance.


You Should Probably Give MTV’s Teen Wolf a Chance

I know what you’re thinking. Teen Wolf looks like the most ridiculous show you could have imagined. It has all the ingredients: supernatural creatures after the rise of Twilight and it’s a remake of a 80s movie that happens to be hosted by MTV. But hear me out when I say: it’s actually really good. I can’t deny that “cheesy teen TV” is one of my favorite genres. It took me about a month to fully catch up on eight seasons of One Tree Hill and I still refuse to watch the end of The OC‘s third season because Marissa can’t die! But I also can’t deny that when I first saw ads for Teen Wolf (you can’t escape them) I had absolutely zero interest. The concept is admittedly a bit ridiculous. A dorky 16 year old gets bitten by a werewolf, increasing his lacrosse skills as well as his stress level as he now essentially has to protect his town from evil. You feel like this tired tale has been done a million times before, and I get that. But this show is different. It’s scary, it’s funny, it’s honestly relatable, and it manages to do it all at once. Considering the fact that I’ve watched this week’s episode twice and am still hyped up about it, please listen to me when I say you really should be watching this show.

Most non-viewers seem to take issue with the acting and effects. And though its Monday night 10 PM time-slot on MTV may not give it away, I can assure you the cast does a good job working around the computer-generated monsters. Once you get past the fact that most of the cast were never actually “teens” during even the earliest episodes and the season 1 CGI will occasionally make you want to roll your eyes, you will actually start to care about these characters and the supernatural situations they find themselves in. I mean, its a werewolf wanting to commit suicide to save his friends outside of a haunted motel, and you’re weeping in front of your TV. And that’s what the cast has managed to do; take something seemingly ridiculous and make it interesting and believable. Best of the bunch is absolutely Dylan O’Brien, most recently seen in The Internship, who stars as sarcastic and heart breaking best-buddy Stiles.


If I’m being honest, seeing random clips online of Stiles was the only reason I started to watch the show. I’m not just saying that because he’s cute (which he is), because more importantly he’s talented. Like the “have you cracking up one second and in tears the next, on the edge of your seat in disbelief that acting this good could be on a show called Teen Wolf” kind of talented. Dylan is actually really impressive to watch considering he’s just two years older than me, and is in general just the type of person you want to watch on TV all day and then be best friends with. Really, its scientific fact.

And don’t be turned away by the fact that all this seems to have been done before. First of all, there are no vampires (I feel like I need to point this out, because it’s all anybody ever asks me). There is no Edward Cullen vs. Jacob Black scenario here! Werewolves may seem boring at this point in pop-culture but the show manages to bring a lot of interesting mythology into each season; the South American murderer-killing Kanima, Celtic druids, Japanese kitsune. If the supernatural isn’t really your thing, thats fine too; episodes will pass without anyone actually “turning” into a wolf, and the latest season is more of a psychological thriller than anything relevant to the CW’s Supernatural. With the current tagline aptly being “Lose Your Mind,” I’m really just asking that people stop giving me weird looks when I mention this show before I start losing my mind. Teen Wolf is good. It’s not Breaking Bad, but give it a shot. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


I’m Already Obsessed with The Mindy Project

Let me start by saying Mindy Kaling is the BEST. Her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) , is one of my absolute favorites. She’s quick and witty, and completely relatable in the way that makes me want her to be my bestfriend. And while I absolutely love the annoying diva Kelly Kapoor on The Office,I’m pumped that Mindy is able to now head FOX’s The Mindy Project. And the fact that BJ Novak (aka Ryan Howard on The Office) is an executive producer on Mindy’s pilot is just perfect to me.

If you missed it, the trailer covers a lot of ground, but I was still psyched to watch it on TV. Appearances from Bill Hader and Ed Helms, two of my favorites, didn’t hurt either. It really is a great pilot, just what I would expect from Mindy. Basically, Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, a OB/GYN with a love for romcoms and a slight weakness for her British coworker. After a run-in with the police for disorderly conduct after her ex’s wedding, Mindy decides she needs to turn her life around, but has a bit of a shaky start. Mindy is hilarious, and though the pilot isn’t non-stop laugh-out-loud funny, I don’t think thats what it really needs; I think that the entire cast gets their point across without overacting or looking for cheap laughs. Just from reading her book I can tell that the pop-culture references come straight from Mindy’s pen, which gives the show a personal touch. Mindy’s character is the type of girl who I think everyone can relate to: self-absorbed but a little self-conscious too, just trying to find the perfect man and be successful at the same time. And while we’ve only seen a little bit of Mindy Lahiri, I have high hopes for being able to relate to her while getting a good laugh.